Arkon's side of the Republic Rebellion


So today there was a massive rebellion against the republic. This is Arkon’s perspective from it.

So to start off, this was planned for weeks in advanced consisting of the nations Arkon, Exercitus, Luxivitas, UNSC, Rebels, Stormbound, and NewQusmubia (New Qusmubia wasn’t rebelling). We planned a new alliance with a “better” set-up. It would have no nation in charge and be similar to a representative democracy. It has not advanced much more than that. We figured out that there was a spy among us, but we didn’t pinpoint who. Now, here is what happened today (from the view of Arkon).

The day started with Arulaun bringing notice to the rebellion. I talked with Emeris the night before discussing what I would do, not giving away what the other nations would do. That morning I ditched the new republic and was the first to leave the republic (UNSC was kicked before Arkon for other reasons the night before). Arkon was to neutral everyone except a few nations, being Ekatera and NewQusmubia. Later, Arulaun received false intel that Luxivitas was working with AltBandits (my sister is in AltBandits and allowed me to check their discord). Here is where it gets interesting.

UNSC was accepted into the republic because they regretted being part of the rebellion. Stormbound didn’t leave at all. Exercitus fell into chaos because their leader didn’t ask their members whether they wanted to leave. Luxivitas had the same fate. Rebels… I don’t think left. So in other words, Arkon was the only one who succeeded in leaving the republic, which wasn’t intended at all.

I was pretty furious that the other nations were too incompetent to successfully rebel. For the remainder of the day we stayed neutral until Candurous sieged our station. After some unimportant events, I gave in. The other nations failed at rebelling putting Arkon in a worse spot. We rejoined and here we are now. Here is what everyone learned.

What Arulaun and Emeris learned:

  • Nation leaders will rebel if they dislike something; even if they have no real reasons.

What the other rebelling nations learned:

  • The republic isn’t evil

What I learned:

  • I’ve been too pessimistic towards the republic.
  • Never trust nations without good plans or good leaders.
  • The server is ludicrously biased towards anyone with more power than them.

So what I am saying is, most of this problem came from opinions about how an alliance should run. If you somehow end up in a rebellion, don’t stay with it unless you can unblind yourself from the bias in SL. Bias seems to always be the cause of these wars, so for the love of space whales, don’t be bias towards others. It only causes toxicity and wars. I will try my best to stick with the republic from now on and be less of a pessimist. If you read this entire post, thank you.


I thought we were told not to tell anyone so i diddnt tell members. oh and also lots of chaos happened with exerticus cus i was gone at school


Here is the TL:DR.

Heresey, traitors and disloyal actions by those who are power hungry.


Er… No. Arkon’s goal was to be in the best possible spot for our member’s goals.


The shepherd has lead his lambs to the wolves.


Starting an armed revolution against the Republic is a stupid idea, and it was extremely stupid to start a revolt that early. First, we need to take into account history. During the time of the constant war between Arimfea and the Alliance, Arimfea did pretty well against… well… basically the rest of the server, and they arguably won.

Arimfea couldn’t be overrun then, and now they have several other nations willing to fight on their behalf in a well-organized alliance. Other nations in the Republic may not always be as well-organized, or as technologically advanced, as Arimfea, but they present a strategical roadblock in any attempt to destroy Arimfea because they have extra resources, shipyards, mines, factories, and labor power. While this is only speculation, I think it’s reasonable to assume that the Republic is probably managed with extreme efficiency, based on the fact that Arimfea is governed with extreme efficiency.

Arimfea is simply too well-organized to fall. Even if it were alone, it could not be defeated, as history has shown us time and time again that anyone who tries to stop Arimfea dies. Either you would have to be smarter than MicleBrick or you would have to have 50,000 star destroyers attacking every single Republic base at once to destroy the Republic. Good luck doing that without cognition-enhancing drugs.

(Side note: to call that a revolution is a stretch, it seemed more like an online argument)


How would this be possible, only real threat(s) in that Republic are literally Gut,Arulaun, Jeff, and Watchman so how is this possible


Clearly, you don’t look at the republic much. Sure, those are the only single threats to you, but your nation? The military destroys them.


We haven’t actually… trained our military though, the only people that are skilled now are me noix, and k