Area shield buff


What I’ve noticed, is that with higher ships is that you can’t seem to defeat them with bases. What I suggest is higher levels of shields, should have higher health, or that the turrets should be auto matic. please micle do this


Area shields are already significantly more powerful than particle shields as it is, boosting them even further might make it impossible for smaller ships to do any noteable damage at all.

Big ships like cruisers and battlecruisers are already quite hard to get (if you have a life, that is) with the trading system, so it’s only fair that they are quite powerful.

Besides, you can always improve your area shields with better wiring and more power :stuck_out_tongue:


amgar, they have a drain cap tho. so it’s almost like a set power


What about some Automated AA guns for cities amd bases?
But a base can have only 10 so it wont get to op


Base defense is defense, I consider it a win if I don’t lose.
Base turrets already exist that autotarget just like ships, well it is a ship actually. I have stalemated destroyers with my base defense system and shot down smaller ships. You should visit my base again. Come in a small ship and I will show you how it works, try and have a bounty too, if you can?!