Apology to Creta and Arulaun


I just want to apologies to the people of Creta I was new and was griefing and I understand for my ban and am not going to make a appeal I just want to apologize sincerely to you all.


If what you did was a lack of understanding, I’d recommend you appeal. If it wasn’t obviously that won’t be tolerated.


i dont understand what you mean


If what you did was due to you not understanding what you were doing was griefing, then you can be unbanned, if you intended on being malicious, then you likely won’t be, if the former is the case, I recommend you appeal.


cant i just serve the sentience tough i feel like it will be a lesson well learned that way


Yeah you can. Feel free to serve the time instead of appealing.


ok thank you anyways i just feel bad for stealing is all


What if… I appealed for him >:)