An issue I have with capital ship combat

Alright, so I really dont think this is a suggestion as much as it’s a complaint.
In my opinion, big ships feel too small.
By that I don’t mean they look small, I mean they’re far too maneuverable. You should not have to cruise after a cruiser in order to catch up in a starfighter, nor should fighting in 2 capital ships be you and your opponent seeing each other for half a second before they disappear from sight and are 40 blocks out of render distance.
My issue isn’t that it’s unfair, or that it’s too challenging, my issue is that it’s
1.“Unrealistic” as in almost no sci fi universe have capital ships that move that fast.

2.Annoying, it makes combat feel dumb and pointless having your enemy within close range then suddenly having them completely out of visual range.

3.Less tactical than moving at a somewhat “realistic” speed and being able to come up with a strategy and use strike craft in a manner that’s actually fun, instead of it being a game of keep up when you’re fighting a ship that you’re supposed to easily outmaneuver. You can outmaneuver a capital ship in a fighter, it just feels like a fruitless task when the capital ship can run at very fast speeds WHILE shooting at your fighter which makes it so you have to keep up and evade at the same time.

This is honestly more of a “rant” post than anything, but I believe my points to be understandable. A capital ship should be fought in like a capital ship. Not like a very large cruising fighter.

I feel like this can be fixed in a number of ways, such as:
Making cruise speeds much slower
Making weapons on capital ships less powerful when in cruise
Making cruise turning make your ship go slower than it already does, and making accel generally lower.
And RemOviNgCrUisE

I hope my view is understandable. I don’t believe I’m inexperienced in capital ship svs, or in fighter svs, so I’d say I know enough about both for my points here to have SOME merit to them.


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Making cruise slower with power output differences might be nice so if you want good shields and weapons power you sacrifice speed and maneuverability. Capital ships in general as you said should be slower, however no cruise may be a bit extreme for capital ships. Overall nice post.

I’d be in support of the fixes if it didn’t heavily affect everything outside of fighting. Capital ships are slow as it is and due to the fact that hyperspoop is so inaccurate, slowing cruising would make moving in a decent size ship virtually impossible without major inconveniences.
Uh also Cruisers are the smallest kind of capital ship so they should be pretty mobile compared to the bigger capital ships. If cruising was nerfed dreads would be virtually useless.

I think making weapons have less power when cruising (some power shunt excuse or something), and making cruise turning slower based on the size of your ship would be good changed, removing cruise was a joke lol.