An Arsenal Of Weapons - Part 1

I always have felt that the weapons in SL are a bit… lackluster. Nowadays, all you see on ships is the spamming of similar weapons (42x Heavy Laser. 24x Pulse Cannon, etc.). And so, I propose a couple of additions to the current arsenal to make SvS a bit more interesting and enjoyable.

New Mechanics
First, as a base for everything I’m about to say, I propose a division of weapons into Energy weapons and Kinetic weapons. Of course, we could divide it into a LOT more categories like Thermal or Explosive, but let’s keep it simple. Energy weaponry would deal more damage to shields, while Kinetic weaponry would damage armor more.

And now, onto the weapons.

Maser - Consists of a shell accelerated by laser-ablative propulsion. Deals significant Kinetic damage (4.0). However. due to the rapid dispersion of the acceleration field, it has a terrible range (100 blocks) and not very good tracking (30 degrees firing cone)

Autocannon - A rapid-firing minigun that deals kinetic damage. Extremely low damage per shot (1.0), but rapid firing rate and excellent tracking (90 degrees firing cone). Short-range (175 blocks) Special: When holding down the left click while holding the controller, the autocannons enter an automatic-fire mode, continuously pumping out two shots per second at the target until left-click is released.

Howitzer Artillery - A slow-firing mortar that deals kinetic damage. Each shot is extremely powerful (6.0) but fires extremely slowly and has a limited firing arc (15 degrees). Very long-range (600 blocks).
Special: Alpha Strike. When holding down the right-click button (since it’s a heavy weapon) while holding the controller, the mortars charge up for 1.5x reload speed and deal double damage to a target. 30-second cooldown.

I will post more weapon ideas in the next part of this suggestion - Missiles!


Not going to lie, this sounds really cool. I would love to see it implemented. Also nice job making your post not too long but also not too short. Many posts are unappealing walls of text which can be easily skimmed through.


This is a interesting idea. Nice categories of different types of weapons (which may be similar to Eve). More weapon types sound fun to use.

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I love these ideas! The Howitzer Artillery especially.

R A I L G U N S ? ? ?


There are no limits! Feel free to add suggestions to this and if they are good I’ll add them to the top with your name :smiley: