An Adjustment to Trade Cities

So currently when a player enters a trade city their self and ship are both under 100% protection instantly.

Please note we do not need to remove the protection from trade cities because people pay good money for that. And if we did we would lose one of the main reasons why nations should have them.

My proposal is that we keep the protection in trade cities but you must wait a certain amount of time until you gain full immunity. Slightly understanding the way it is programmed I feel this is the most timeless and efficient method to creating the Safezone Timer.

I agree with a section of the community that despises the fact that once you enter a safezone you are invincible instantly. It isn’t fair to those who may be in pursuit of someone who can just run to a zone. Granted, with my suggestion you can still do that but there is a limit to your protection.


I agree with this, and I feel like the server is at a 50/50 divide of liking these trade cities and disliking them for their protection from PvP.

I think that we could also have it that if you aren’t part of the nation that owns it your protection could wear off after amount of time. I like your idea and want to also add the idea of time to gain(/lose) protection could be based off level

I don’t like the idea of having it wear off if you aren’t apart of the nation mostly because there are lots of nations that everyone isn’t apart of because you can only belong to one. Maybe if you’re not apart of it, it will even take longer to gain protection I could see that working.

And having it based on levels isn’t bad but definitely wouldn’t work. The reason being is because what if you’re engaging in ship combat and your aggressor’s immunity kicks on but yours doesn’t because you don’t have the level?

But if you are a lower level per say by a entire ship size, it should be faster protection then if you can use bigger ships but maybe a thing where weapons are disabled when you enter protection. Just to be fair

Well, level does not always determine skill level which would kinda boil down towards what is fair and what isn’t. I think their should be a static protection timer on all trade cities for everyone.

No we should allow weapons damage from ship to ship as well as PVP but have the timer start until it is reached and protection is granted for both parties at the same time.

Just be like other servers and have a pvp timer. If a player hasnt been hit by weapons/players in the past 30 sec- 1minute, they get immediate protection from the city.

If they have, then they have to wait out the combat timer before gaining protection from the city

So are you suggesting this be a universal thing which still includes trade cities? Cause I like that idea as well. It would eliminate a lot of the safezone hiding.

Ok sounds nice as long as once you are in trade city, it doesn’t take away protection by shooting at things, just that shooting at things that aren’t mobs doesn’t actually do anything. Just so people can’t be protected then shoot someone and damage their shields. Or it could be that it will take away protection if you use any explosive/starship weapons? maybe Idk im just talking at this point…

The way other servers have it is that you go into “combat mode” where you are vulnerable as soon as you hit a mob or another player with a weapon. We could make this include starship weapons as well

I disagree with trade city protection timers and stuff like that I think that instead there should be trade stations where you can go to trade rather than every planet has a safe zone that way if you trick out your opponent and make it to a station your safe planetary trade cities should be removed and private trade cities need protection removed


The mob part is the problem though because mobs can spawn in trade cities and kill you so maybe just the use of weapons which can actually damage starships will take away protection unless you hit a player?

Planetary cities are essential for trading because they offer a constant supply and demand for the galaxy. They are permanent and should remain that way.

If we removed planetary cities then what if we didn’t have any nations run a private trade city? We wouldn’t have a trading system cause we don’t have any cities to trade to and from… So removing planetary trade cities should not happen, ever.

Also, if we removed the protection you gain from a private trade city what is the point of even having one in the first place?

I suggest you think more about what this would actually do to our server.

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Yeah ignum would literally become a nightmare to trade in with just kragostani which is hard to figure out. Tbh I don’t know if frigus has a trade city that isn’t a ost. So I agree with you on this. Removing protection from private trade cities would also make tidying them hard because a pirate could attack you. So I definitely agree with you here.

If you are going to remove trade city protection status. Then the people who own said cities need to pay alot less credits per hour for trade city status. As a settlement leader who runs a trade city, it takes alot of work to maintain player activity and financially sustaining cities that are very important to the trade component of the galaxy. If you want people to not escape so easily i recommend building an interdictor.

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First, never said we should remove trade city protection status; just adding a ‘warmup’ timer to gain its immunity status upon entering. Second, since we’re not actually removing the protection status your rates do not need to decrease. Third, have you even flown the interdictor? Let alone build one? At this time they are not reliable and do not possess the anti-cruise function. The only advantage they hold is an increase in the amplified well which actually is bugged right now and is on the issue tracker page.