Amplified hyperdrives

Moving an entire fleet is expensive. It expends a lot of chetherite, and if you loose a ship, you’ve probably lost a lot of the chetherite that was in the ship’s hyperdrive that was intended to be used during the return trip. This is a huge waste of chetherite. To cut down on chetherite usage, maybe we should create new method of FTL that is useful for fleets, but not for individual ships.

The idea is an amplified hyperdrive which can be mounted on battlecruisers, star destroyers, and dreadnoughts. An amplified hyperdrive does not shunt the individual spaceship itself into hyperspace, but rather it creates a portal into hyperspace directly in front of the ship. The portal is a sphere that looks like a piece of hyperspace in realspace.

  • The portal is opened both at the starting point and the destination, and the portal can be traversed back and forth.
  • Any ships that go near the portal will enter the portal and be moved into hyperspace, where it will exit at the other end of the portal.
  • The portal stays around for 2 hours.
  • The machine takes 5 minutes to charge up once activated, and while it is charging you cannot move the ship or use weapons. Therefore it is bad for evasion.
  • The amplified hyperdrive would use 12 chetherite per usage. There is no limit to its range. The command to use it is /foldspace (x) (y)
  • You can’t use the amplified hyperdrive within 500 blocks of a planet, sun, or station.
  • The advancement for the multiblock would be super expensive
  • Because any ship can move through either end of the portal, you have to watch for followers who might follow you through the portal.
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Incredible idea. I would say make the distance from planets and suns 1500 though, as to make it so people leaving the planet do not enter it by accident and head into a battleground.