Ammunition and fire power


Currently IMHO bigger ships have all advantages. Harder to kill, more fire power. So I propose a cost for this advantage.

Require all ships to have at least one [ammunition] sign this would cover all weapons on the ship or [weaponset] would also have an ammunition line. Ammunition would have to be preloaded while the ship was not piloted.

Hears is where I am a little torn on this idea. Should the power line be power, ie batteries or should it cost credits. My original idea was power, but power is basically free, so all that would do is add a ship size and maintenance aspect to ships and my goal is to give smaller ships more worth. And I think it is realistic that firing weapons has an economic toll. Something cheap, like 1 credit per laser per shot.


I like the ammunition idea but bigger ships do not have all advantages against smaller ones. Smaller ones are more agile, harder to it, a good fighter pilot can easely shoot down a frigate or even bigger .


A fighter pilot who knows his ship well can easily shoot down most frigates and some corvettes, and most of the trade ships on the server. Anything higher than a frigate and the fighter is outmatched, which I think shouldn’t change.


Good idea, I like it. Maybe make it take like power for lasers, with an explosive power core. Torpedoes should use gunpowder or iron blocks, to balance it out so starfighters aren’t too op.


Starfighters aren’t too op, it’s the people who can actually use them like me, the only reason I win battles is because I know how to use direct control, a frigate would smash a fighter sitting in one place, even a corvette or another fighter would destroy it,