Am I the only one who is slightly mad?


Not too long ago Micle changed the way to earn credits from selling resources for money to going on trade missions between planets, you all already know this. But what I’m mad about is that my nation was making 50k credits per hour that 2 of my members were mining. This was because we live on syre and decided to leverage that to get money. Now when 2 of our players are doing trades we get 50k, in 24 hours. This is 2083 credits an hour or so. I know that the collector was added but it only takes certain things and for those only gives us a fraction of the price we got for them before. This lower amount of income makes it almost seem not worth even trying to play survival if every ship that I want that costs over 10k I have got to grind for 5 hours.
To add to this because all the advancements were set back to 0 it means that i cant expand my base because my nation spent all our money before the update to get to lord because we heard wrong information that we would get our money back. And I know what your gonna say already; “Deal with it” I am perfectly fine with getting exp from doing missions but PLEASE add back the shops. Even if you have to pay a fee to use them or something like that. I have been waiting a while now to see if they would be added back, they haven’t been. So tell me, am I the only one mad about this? Or am I just mistaken that the population on survival has dropped some?


You aren’t the only one mad, BUT, 50k per hour is a bit crazy, don’t you think? Truly this system is more fair to others who don’t mine 24/7. All I have to say is that everyone mad simply needs to adapt.


Credits value isnt the same now too, 1k is worth more than it was some time ago.


I agree, I used to make about 38K an hour with my mining facility, which took 6 months to ramp up to that ability. However this complaint has been hashed over on previous threads.


How about the ability to sell items comes back, but you can only sell so much every hour? And selling items levels it up? And when you level it up you can sell more!


@AvionDrake579 Too easy to exploit


A player controlled market system like I explained is the real solution. Selling to a npc that does nothing with the resources is terrible.


@Xarulok how would one exploit it???


People with massive amounts of items could easily get to dreadnoughts in like a week.


@Xarulok take a look


Also how the heck does this mean getting dreadnaughts? It just allows you to sell more items


You are simply repeating old messages. Players who have thousands of items can still grind sell to dreadnoughts easily. No time limit would stop them.


In the market system I proposed, selling items is not selling, it is posting for sale. You don’t get paid unless someone buys.


said market system is very high on the list of things to implement