Alternate starship weapon explosions?


I had an idea - what if starship weapons made blocks get thrown into the air rather than permanently destroyed? mostly just not sure how that’d affect base raiding, might make it too easy to just go and blow up someones house and they have to put it back together. So if that were an issue it’d have to be limited to non-settlements or something. Thoughts?


I do like the idea of blocks flying out, and it makes war more interesting, as you can destroy actual buildings and it have any effect. There should be a multi-block that regenerates anything within the radius, to counter random raids.


at the very least explosions should be logged so you can use a machine to roll explosions in an area back so long as the debris hasn’t been modified I think


That sounds like a fun idea. Perhaps if blocks are blown up in space, they could fly off into the distance and possibly collide with your ship (hazard to watch out for). Perhaps if blocks are on a planet and not on a ship, they could simply fall down, allowing you to shoot a building in a way that causes it to collapse, possibly making for some great urban warfare. In addition, maybe some blocks should be deleted instead of all blocks being flung into the distance?


ye some of blocks should just become destroyed and stuff like this, also THAT SO GOOD İDEA