Advanced Ship Weapons


Having played Starlegacy for more than a year now in real time I have often thought about what different ship weapons would look like. One of the super incredible things about this server is the amazing creativity of the numerous ship builders. Everything from various shielding designs to weapons placement has been carefully scrutinized and used to devastating effect in the numerous conflicts.

One thing I have often thought about is limited use weapons. What I mean by this is weapons that require items to fire. The obvious criticism to this is of course the amount of time needed to find items, place them in the weapon, and of course the crappy moment when you realize that your ship is out of weapon fuel. But, here are some ideas for why this could be a very viable option for server development and continue to encourage the amazing builds we all love on Starlegacy.

Idea 1: Gas Canisters as Weapons Fuel- Gas canisters currently only have one use which is course energy production. However, I think this unique aspect of Starlegacy is underutilized. There are a number of unique gases but they are all only used for one purpose. Granted, they each produce a different amount of energy, but what if they could also be used in a new line of ship weapon multiblocks? Here are some of my ideas below for some advanced ship weapons.

Energy Dissipater: Multiblock weapon that requires a 2 nitrogen canisters and X amount of ship energy to fire. Upon a direct hit on enemy ship- enemy ship’s power saturation drops by X amount for a small cooldown period.
Use: Lower an enemy ships fire rate, shield regeneration, and speed in pursuit.
Particle Color- Dark blue-similar to current torps in its design.

Fusion Missile: Multiblock weapon that requires a 3 Hydrogen canisters and X amount of ship energy to fire. Missile flies a certain distance and upon explosion does area effect damage to multiple vessels. A larger cool down is required for this weapon to fire again.
Use: Damage multiple ships simultaneously. Excellent choice of weapon for dealing with smaller squadrons of ships.
Particle Color- Lime Green-similar to current torps in its design

Quantum Torpedo: Multiblock weapon that requires a 1 Diamond, 1 Oxygen canister and X amount of ship energy to fire. Torpedo is similar to normal torpedoes in speed but can only fly in a straight line. A direct however from a quantum torpedo will do 2x or more(Needs Testing) damage than that of regular torpedoes and requires a long cool down. Also this weapon would be limited to one for all ship classes below destroyer.
Use: Deal substantial damage to larger ship classes.
Particle Color- Bright Light Blue(Easy to see so that it can be possibly dodged)-similar to current torps in its design

Just some thoughts put your comments below.


I know that the eventual plan for expanding ship weapons is based around expanding the types of ship turrets to create a more dynamic type of battle. That being said, if there was an item consumption weapon, thermonuclear missiles makes most sense to me. A torpedo-like multiblock that fires a right click weapon using an amount of power and an amount of uranium for every shot, creating one large explosion per hit, which doesn’t need to be any more powerful than say a torpedo, but it will easily damage multiple shields due to the area of explosion


If I add missiles they’ll be baradium missiles and concussion missiles


concussion missiles scare me.


They will haunt your dreams, don’t you worry.


I had an similar idea. After the update, I got thinking with a couple of my friends that play, and we thought that having different types of weapons would be helpful.

War Weapons
The current weapons would be war weapons. They could be on war ships, for conflicts between nations, settlements or individuals.

Disabling Weapons
These would disable a ship, essentially turning off a ships power. It wouldn’t be able to move, shoot or use its shields. These would not do explosive damage, only limit a ships functions. Then the disabled ship could be docked and have items pirated from it.

Just another thought.


Here’s an idea: why not make coilguns, gauss rifles, and railguns? These could consume ammo that is easy to mass-produce, allowing you to have ammo in bulk but still be restricted in how much you can fire.
Side note: if the server were reliant on this class of weapons, it would make for an interesting game mechanic of supply lines, but making every weapon one of these is a terrible idea