Additions for SL website and map


First have a feature to notify you when enemies are online I have a couple ways of doing this my first and favorite is through doing a command /enemy set <player name> this will set a player as your enemy and notify you when they are online through e-mail or is possible discord you will be sent a notification saying <playername> is online or something along those lines this would be so useful for planned attacks and a great feature

Second I think that it would be a great idea to add in the time that is displayed in game when you press tab because it is so confusing to plan things at a certain time without a constant time theese would be two very useful features


The threat of enemies is just something you have to deal with. If an enemy is online, don’t do things that would put you in harms way. The server time is EST, so that’s the timezone on tab.

Also, please use basic punctuation.