Addition to cloaking devices


Maybe make cloaking devices only possible on destroyer+ or frigate+ and do something similar to the new way that shields work, and make them use a certain amount of power. Also, maybe make it that firing weapons disables it, you fly a bit slower with it on, and it can’t be on infinitely. What I mean by can’t be on infinitely, is that you right click the sign, and you activate it. It’d eat some sort of fuel, and you can de-activate it when you wish, but after a minute or so, it automatically turns off, and can’t be turned back on for like five minutes or so, in order that people who have enough fuel can’t just have their cloak on infinately.

Exuse my grammer/spelling, i’m usually a great writer, but i’m on my phone and i’m sick,


How about it takes fuel, and has on overheat mechanic? If it does overheat it would cause a power loss to shields and would be unable to turn on for 2-5x the normal cooldown time? Also I think if it was only available on starfighter to frigate it would be better, since these are considered a bit underpowered? Great idea though :slight_smile: