Addition of a early game ship or new gun

So in my opinion the amount of ships aren’t that limited, but the way they can be built is so I have a idea.

The speeder was removed (I wasn’t online when it was but it was op apparently) because of a exploit and they were too op but I have a idea. We could re add the speeder but the speeder can only be 5/20 (5 minimum and 20 max). Now to really get into the starwars theme, the scout speeder for how small it was traveled at 316MPH so the new speeder could be a level 1-5 ship that gets double speed from thrusters and when turned the cruise option turns on a dime, but in return its unable to house sticky pistons, chests and shields making it a fast but easily destroyed ship that is too small to use in space but something as small as a shuttle piloted by 2 or more players could drop one of these into a battlefield making them like motorized infantry

The drawback is that wouldn’t every player use of of these? Well I propose a new weapon is added, the bullets fly super fast and can destroy blocks and really hurt a shield, similar to a blaster cannon. The difference is that this new weapon could hurt shields and make a 3x3x3 explosion but it has say 5 shots and needs uranium, titanium, diamonds and all that stuff to even it out, these new weapons would destroy speeders in seconds, also this new weapon can’t be fired while piloting a ship.