Adding more Weapons and Ship Gadgets could make the combat more interesting and variable


I personally think that the meta could be made more interesting if new weaponry and ships gadgets would be added,
here are a few of my ideas:

Beam Cannon: would shoot a long lasting beam from the firing block traveling for approx 500 blocks,
it’s damage could work in a similar manner to the heavy laser creating multiple explosion, altough these explosions could have some more time between them and over a longer time. I’ll leave damage balancing to professionals.

Rapid Fire Turret: This turret could be an anti personel turret, with the idea of firing fast bursts of rounds without being too effective against whip but capable of doing some good damage to players.
As to how it would work: Large explosion radius aka something like 4-5 but power of 1 or 2, which would make it ineffective against ships.

Shield Booster: This gadget could help in defensive and evasive sitsuations by charging the shields faster. As for how it works: The Shield Booster would pull all weapon energy into charging the shields and would automatically deactivate once all shields are charged 100% or the ship is unpiloted. As for the boost % I’ll leave balancing to professionals.

Hyper Velocity Cannon: I know this is a far fetched idea and I don’t expect it to be considered but hear me out, this cannon would be expensive to build and could only be built on planet. As to how it would work: The Hyper Velocity Cannon is targeted by right clicking its sign when it is fully charged and it would ask for target player name, it would need to be charged with 100k energy and some chethrite before being able to fire, its damage would be devastating to a ships shields and hull if it gets trough, it would also have a warm-up of a few seconds, as for balancing factors: it would be able to only shoot ships inside the gravity well of the planets its on, and it would also display a message for the target: WARNING: Hyper Velocity Cannon charge up detected.

Ship Mounted Rail Cannon: This is also some of my more out there ideas, this cannon would be quite large and expensive, size should be closer to the heavy laser if not larger. As for how it would work: When firing the ship should be staying still while the gun charges up and fires. Its range would be around 1k to 1,5k if possible. Once it has fired it would work kinda like the Hyper Velocity Cannon, it would just spawn an explosion at the target ship, but since its a Railgun the radius should be small and powerful.

Missile Pod: this is something more sensable again, the Missile Pod would be a tracking weapon alotough it would have a countermeasure. As for how it works: the Missile Pod would need its own node, to fire the pod you would need to do /settarget (missile pod node) (player name) to fire it, the Missile Pod would only fire once before this command would have to be re-entered. The Missile Pod would count as a heavy weapon.

Flares/Decoys: This gadget would help to mask movements made by the ship by creating multiple fake signals (also a direct counter to Missile Pods and Autoturrets). As for how it would work: you would have a node for the Flares/Decoys and a weaponset sign, when clicking the weaponset sign it would launch the Flares/Decoys, when launched it would create multiple fake signals on the map and on the Contact list (the box on right side of screen showing coordinates and flying ships closer than 6k blocks). This would also drain lots of energy from the ship and weapons wouldn’t be able to fire and shields wouldn’t charge for 5-10 seconds.

As of now im out of ideas but i will add more to this topic when i get good ideas.


Ooooh some of these are pretty good ideas! :heart:


There has been numerous discussions about adding more weapons and multi-blocks to the game and it will happen at some point but not of rn.