Actual Ban Appeal

The other appeal was made out of anger and spite without full knowledge of the circumstances of why I was banned (I viewed it as staff bias but as I have subsequently found, it was not. I do apologise for this and it was a result of previous circumstances which I’m not going to divulge here)

Ok, let’s try this again. I’ve calmed down

Late Wednesday Evening I got into a heated argument with two other players about a topic that staff are informed of already so I won’t waste time explaining what you already know on that regard. The argument quickly spiralled into toxicity, and with out of frustration I made a remark wishing for those online to die. The remark in question resonated personally with Vandrayk, which I was not aware of at the time. When informed of this I was, frankly horrified, and apologised immediately.

I’m sorry for what happened and had I been informed of previous circumstances I would not have made it. I’m taking a break from SL for a few weeks anyways to sort out my future and I’m sorry for being toxic, I perhaps took the argument too far and for that I apologise greatly.

I am also aware that my previous appeal may have been very insensitive. This was posted out of anger with a lack of information. This appeal has since been redacted and profuse apologies have been made.