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I used a little command I made as part of the nations admin utilities command, and got some interesting stats.


What’s interesting is that out of 7k people who joined the server, 538 joined nations. That’s approximately ~7.5%. More interesting is that our stats plugin has always said we have almost that same exact percent of new player retention! Perhaps players who end up in nations are the ones who tend to stick around?


I think that’s likely. I mean, if you aren’t in a nation, you are likely a loner(Like that noob a few days ago who said “I’ll rekt all you and your nations”). Being a loner is kinda boring and being attacked means having a low chance to survive. Being part of a nation means you have people to work with and a big enough work force to reasonably do giant projects. When you do that, it attracts people to help you and to become powerful.


So it might be a good idea to try to find ways to optimize the new player experience for getting them into nations/settlements expediently and in a way that gives them a good introduction to the server.


also, newbies just find this server confusing, i was in some servers like this, they were all confus
ng. I generally dont give up like that, so i train myself without help each time. People just say “Read wiki” and dont train newbies. Few people like me trains new players. We need to make people help new guys.


I would love to help every player that I can. But quite frankly if I did that I wouldn’t be able to play myself.

My personal philosophy is when a newer player asks a question like “how do I build x? Or how do I fly? What do I do?” It’s so general and usually just looking at the wiki can solve it super quick that’s when I say look at the wiki, if they can’t find it I may send them the correct link.

But this server is such that if you can’t take a little personal effort to get through the learning curve you’ll never make it. I like to look at it like “give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime.”

Now when the questions are more specific like “my pipes aren’t feeding into the station, or my power bank isn’t receiving power” I will tp and walk through with them, it’s obvious they did the base work but they need just a little something.

That being said, funneling newer players into settlements and nations could help take this burden off of staff somewhat and I believe would help with retention. Total losses would be fewer, thus less rage quits.


That is the exact reason why I prefer not to recruit noobs, as they often ask such generic questions it would take me at least twenty minutes to answer them fully.


also, for new settelments and nations, (like mine) is struggling harder than bigger ones. İ know everyone struggles but şts harder for new settelments or nations. So that forces them to get new players. Then new players gets bored in new s/n and thinks that server is acrually boring. Also, i really love a thing in server: the prices of settelments. theyare high so new players wot be able to make a nations so easy. thats why we dont have much nation. (i dont mean we have lack of em) its good. İn othe servers that uses country, faction or nation plugin has LOTS of nations or things i said.


If you have a suggestion to alleviate the problem of new players getting bored in struggling nations, that’d be more helpful :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, ill think 'bout that


MasterMinedM and I were discussing this issue of player retention just recently. We had a few suggestions that are perhaps worth sharing:

I would suggest investing in a “Mentor” team. This is separate from Moderators, as they have no need to enforce rules, or investigate happenings, or levy consequences. Of course people could be both.

A member of the Mentor team, would be expected to know the wiki material, and probably have a distilled text version of Q&A available on their local machines for copy/paste the answer to common questions. For example, I’ve had to frequently explain /cruise and holding a clock. This inline response from a human, is more helpful than the Wiki. The work on the Wiki is highly informative. The weakness of the wiki is not the excellent work having been done on it. The problem is most new players will not invest time in reading the Wiki until AFTER they determine the the server is worthwhile. In short, they read it after determining to stay, not before.

By being able to have helpful/encouraging comments from a Mentor in direct response to new-player questions, you would be able to increase the positive experience and retain more players.

Secondly, Mentors should have a positive attitude and communicate in a way that is constructive and helpful, setting a positive strong first impression. Some of the more verbally insulting players would not be your best candidates for a Mentor/Helper role.

Thirdly, as posted in other threads under suggestions, improved region security and access rights will help with this assimilation of new players into nations. I know our nation has not extended invites until a greater degree of trust has been established. This is because rights cannot be enforced programmatically by the system to our comfort level. Therefore we do not extend invites to our nation until screening the player to a greater degree. This results in delays in national assimilation. I’m confident other nations experience the same thing.

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Not sure how feasible a mentor system would be, but I do want to make a better tutorial that walks you through things, especially flying a ship. that’s been planned for a long time but pushed back by the other updates going on.

Improved settlement regions that allow you to add more than one person are planned. If you just want a setup where players can have access to one plot of their own, that’s actually already possible with /s region