A new system for wars

So as it stands my only war was a semi col war with a pirate, but seeing as people are complaining about wars i though i should take a jab at a war system with 3 basic war types. Ground, Air, Combined Arms and all have seperate commands to declair and only one can be active, the loser and victor must also compramise on surrender conditions, you mist be in a war of a certain type to surrender a differant way


In ground the air becomes a no-fly zone, piloted ships get a “no fly zone” message if they try to enter the area or they just get blockes by barriers that spawn around the land 5-10 blocks off the ground

The spoils of war for ground combat involve gaining land for your nation ir even more enticing, gaining land for your settlement making a organized and skilled army able to set up garrisons in these areas or maybe a puppet system where the master has special commands to control the puppet state and can tax them, open there chests and such but the puppet still has control

The losing sides leader can use a command like /surrender puppet or /surrender occupy to chose what they do


In a air war the attackers can not touch the ground of the defenders claim meaning that they must stay in a ship and the defenders can rally a defensive position or a counter attack to defend a base, this would allow people who prefer SVS to still attack with planes

The victors of a air war are payed a amount that the losers use /surrender pay [null] for and the attackers agree on allowing people another way to make money, the leader of the settlement takes 50% while the rest is split between the rest of the settlement, but if its a settlement over 6 members the leader takes 40%

Combined arms:

This is a basic war, and its probably going to be the most used as it allowes both attack types so lets make it have some downsides to it shall we? The attackers (i forgot to mention but a atacker is someone in enemy land) can not destroy building meaning bunkers must be cleared by hand, and defenders get a strength and speed bonus for “homeland defense” and fighting for there home, attackers ships also take more damage encouraging ground use and not just air strikes

The winners of a combined arms war get to open and loot every chest they want in a enemys main city for a week but they can not break blocks, open doors/trapdoors or use buttons or levers in enemy land plus they can not hurt enemy players for a month, this means that the winners get a viking like win with as much as they can carry but cant hurt any more people and still dont have the keys, the losers would use /surrender capitulate


This system also allows for things like crusades which if i added them are like ground wars but invite multiple settlements to it such as /crusade (enemy) (ally) (ally) (ally) and so on but the allys must agree and the spoils are basicaly the same as combined

Air strikes would be a air/crusade war but air attacks ignore block type and do 3x more damage but attackers again can not land, the spoils are the same as combined too

These war types encourage land battles for the ability to gain land, they encourage having allies to help take on pirates and a reason to help, its just a suggestion though but i think it eould make for amazing wars

I think the current war system is pretty good. taking over land sounds good and all when you look at it, but would make some people really mad. you work ages on something you built, only for it to get taken over. also i think its kinda weird to have a mode where u can only go on foot, just doesn’t make sense.

sorry too kinda just reject your idea i just don’t agree with it.

For the most part, I agree with epic. Taking over land would be very exciting but anyone who spent lots of time on a build could lose it really quickly, which would be bad. The current war system is a little unbalanced, but if a new one took its place, it probably wouldn’t be this one.

Well, then how about a way to make it work, by having SC (settlement scores) or nation scores, that can only fight something of equal value, like Atlantis vrs Capitalia, with a percentage of man made blocks being destroyed to actually own the territory, and when the enemy dies, it resets, and the war is declared over, and the attacker can only use a certain ship class, equal to majority of the settlement (so one doesn’t just use a dreadnought)