A block animation plugin and wifi?


Ok So I dont know how hard to implement it would be but I think it would be amazing to have a plugin that enable use to make block animation. I know it is possible in vanilla with command blocks.
Adding something like that would give us the possibility to make awesome hangar doors, moving satelite dishes, animated bases and just a ton of other awesome stuff. There is a plugin wich kind of does that called “moving things plugin” .
Only problem would be to make it survival friendly, wich means easy to use as well as not giving players a way to exploit or glitch it to duplicate blocks.
Another mechanic that i’d like to see added to the server but wont make a topic about it is Wifi redstone, seems logical in a space futuristic era to have wifi and it would give us awesome possibilities like send signal from ships to base to open hangars doors, could also have a wifi signal that shuts down the whole base, turning on alarms and closing all entrances, etc
What are your thoughts?


This like actully needs to happen I also think that there should be a carrier starship class because that would be amazing!