2 Things about trade cities


So one of these has been discussed a lot, some timer for trade cities, so general suggestion of combat timer: Basically if you attack a player, or use a turret/ship weapon at all, you get set 5 min timer, every time you do this, timer resets to 5. This would one, be how long until your NPC would go away, and two be how long until you get protection. Maybe if you are shot at and damaged by enemies, you get 2 minutes, 30 seconds.

Now new idea I thought of, Trade city protection area:
So area of your trade city cost x amount per block per either founding, or hourly, and basically it makes it so outside there isn’t protected. Basically makes it so that if you have all of your settlement protected, it cost more. Basically making it harder to be completely invulnerable.


Im not opposed to the timer idea. The Trade city protection idea I am completely opposed to. Reasoning: Trade cities already pay alot of money for primarily protection (because trade is not guaranteed at your city). So essentially what you are suggesting would nickel and dime a trade city to death. Because the trade city already pays an hourly amount and then on top of that would have to pay extra to protect itself, and loosing its invulnerability would mean that players could kill citizens leading to the trade city going inactive without a enough active players.