WIP Features Posts in here are ideas that are accepted and in development.
About the Suggestions category [Suggestions] (1)
Automated defense systems [Suggestions] (4)
Explosive crossbows [Suggestions] (3)
Stun Cannon (or similar armament) [Suggestions] (9)
New custom pterodactyl custom mob/other custom mob suggestions [Suggestions] (4)
Generation ship class [Suggestions] (1)
Some suggestions for new planets [Suggestions] (8)
Trade stations (basically trade cities in space but not) [Suggestions] (1)
Planets taking in junk from outside slowly [Suggestions] (1)
Ramming (a random I idea based off drills) [Suggestions] (9)
Endor (this is like half a joke) [Suggestions] (1)
New idea for non-player things [Suggestions] (1)
Benefits for ranks [Suggestions] (3)
What About Pirates [Suggestions] (3)
Specialized ships [Suggestions] (6)
My idea for drones and carriers [Suggestions] (1)
An Adjustment to Trade Cities [Suggestions] (15)
Vertical Slabs Please [Suggestions] (7)
NPCs for more uses [Suggestions] (3)
Cloaks and how to make them work [Suggestions] (9)
Artificial Gravity [Suggestions] (6)
Thermo powerplant [Suggestions] (1)
Walkers (ground based vehicles) [Suggestions] (4)
Another way to gain credits [Suggestions] (2)
More strict area city rules [Suggestions] (1)
New Power Generation [Suggestions] (4)
Tanks (Vehicle) [Suggestions] (5)
Frequency Jammer Module [Suggestions] (3)
Fair ideas for kill xp [Suggestions] (5)
Just A Hangar Bay Door... That’s All [Suggestions] (5)