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One of the reasons the old website is still used (other than for the wiki) is for the voting links, currently unavailable in the new site. So, here they are! 1: 2: http://minecraft-mp…

Welcome to Star Legacy [Uncategorized] (2)
Ion Cannon base defense (I know) [Suggestions] (8)
Magic armor stands [Suggestions] (3)
Globalwarming and stuff [Suggestions] (3)
Noise - Map - Radar - Stealth Mode - EMP - Electron Torpedo's - Beacon - Spotting [Suggestions] (2)
Micle Please Read [Uncategorized] (3)
Blaster Cannons [Suggestions] (2)
Bring back combat npc [Uncategorized] (15)
Arkon's side of the Republic Rebellion [Uncategorized] (5)
More PVP and less SVS (ship verses ship) [Suggestions] (8)
Am I the only one who is slightly mad? [Uncategorized] (9)
R00D boi Candurous [Uncategorized] (3)
Where are pirates? ( 2 3 ) [Suggestions] (46)
Town NPCs Are Better Than Ghost Towns [Suggestions] (6)
The Game is Missing something! [Suggestions] (4)
Let's Add Stealth Drives ( 2 ) [Suggestions] (23)
Useless Gases used as Weapons? [Suggestions] (1)
Getting paid if you are in a nation/faction [Suggestions] (2)
New sector rumors and suggestions [Uncategorized] (3)
Loans in sector 7b [Suggestions] (2)
So who is allowed to safely trade at Sakaro? [Trade] (6)
Star legacy Battle Royale [Suggestions] (6)
My opinion on the server ressourcepack [Suggestions] (12)
Who wants pumpkin pie? ( 2 ) [Uncategorized] (29)
New Weapon Suggestion - Minigun [Suggestions] (6)
The Orca Transport (cargo) [Trade] (3)
Adding more Weapons and Ship Gadgets could make the combat more interesting and variable [Suggestions] (4)
Karox Canyon, Capital of Arkon [Recruitment] (1)
Additions for SL website and map [Site Feedback] (2)