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One of the reasons the old website is still used (other than for the wiki) is for the voting links, currently unavailable in the new site. So, here they are! 1: 2: http://minecraft-mp…

Welcome to Star Legacy [Uncategorized] (2)
Please Unban My Friend JerCat528 [Ban Appeals] (2)
Why was I banned? [Ban Appeals] (1)
Just A Hangar Bay Door... That’s All [Suggestions] (5)
Can Someone Explain This Ban To Me? [Ban Appeals] (1)
Frequency Jammer Module [Suggestions] (2)
Disabling Combat - Reasoning and Explanation [Uncategorized] (13)
Just an opinion [Uncategorized] (3)
Addition to cloaking devices [Suggestions] (2)
Ramming (a random I idea based off drills) [Suggestions] (7)
Drones (New and Better) [Suggestions] (2)
Weapons Detector ( 2 ) [Suggestions] (21)
Ioclas Trade City Application [Settlement City Applications] (1)
Auto turrets on starships [Questions] (7)
Remote Nodes & Controls [Suggestions] (8)
Item-Beam (Ship module) [Suggestions] (2)
Fair ideas for kill xp [Suggestions] (4)
On the topic of previously mentioned bots [Suggestions] (3)
Settlement City Requirement Clarification & Expansion [Uncategorized] (6)
Private trade city protection is dumb [Uncategorized] (2)
To clarify on space policing laws [Questions] (11)
Crews on Starlegacy [Suggestions] (20)
Ground troopers [Suggestions] (8)
SL advertising through YT and social media [Site Feedback] (11)
Moons/satellites [Suggestions] (1)
More PVP and less SVS (ship verses ship) [Suggestions] (10)
Tanks (Vehicle) [Suggestions] (4)
Gate Multi Blocks [Suggestions] (3)
Some suggestions for new planets [Suggestions] (7)