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One of the reasons the old website is still used (other than for the wiki) is for the voting links, currently unavailable in the new site. So, here they are! 1: 2: http://minecraft-mp…

Welcome to Star Legacy [Uncategorized] (2)
Some sort of way to open and close hangers [Suggestions] (2)
Beam Mining Idea [Suggestions] (7)
Rocket launchers and flame throwers [Suggestions] (5)
My friend was banned [Ban Appeals] (6)
Dirt and other plant related things for terraforming [Trade] (1)
Railguns (base defense) [Suggestions] (7)
Chetherite as Fuel for Power Generators [Suggestions] (3)
Terraforming (Let’s make harenum not deadly) [Suggestions] (2)
Why do the space police function [Questions] (8)
Thoughts on Removing Credit Printing(CIVIL DEBATE AND IDEA THREAD) ( 2 ) [Suggestions] (25)
To clarify on space policing laws [Questions] (18)
Is it illegal to use ship decomposers for this? [Questions] (3)
NerdNationBad's Ban Appeal [Ban Appeals] (2)
Stealth Ships... again (but with a twist) [Suggestions] (4)
Interceptor - New Ship Class [Suggestions] (5)
NPC Pirates/Pirate raids [Suggestions] (5)
More uranium uses [Suggestions] (13)
My Server Ideas please criticize [Suggestions] (8)
Loans in sector 7b [Suggestions] (4)
More strict trade city rules [Suggestions] (2)
AvionDrake579's New Player Tutorial Film - Sponsored by Absolutely Nobody! [Uncategorized] (1)
End Game Content Discussion [Suggestions] (1)
Walkers (ground based vehicles) [Suggestions] (5)
Noix's ban apeal [Ban Appeals] (3)
Laconia trade city application [Settlement City Applications] (5)
NPC Idea: Info Clerk NPC [Suggestions] (2)
Player trade stations [Suggestions] (1)
2 Things about trade cities [Suggestions] (2)