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One of the reasons the old website is still used (other than for the wiki) is for the voting links, currently unavailable in the new site. So, here they are! 1: 2: http://minecraft-mp…

Welcome to Star Legacy [Uncategorized] (2)
Carrier Multiblock [Suggestions] (2)
Resource Pack on map [Site Feedback] (1)
Save SL's stations! [Suggestions] (2)
Eveeeents bois plz [Suggestions] (9)
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Bigger Ships For Lower Levels [Suggestions] (3)
Xp for killing high level enemies [Suggestions] (4)
Oblivion Official Statement [Uncategorized] (3)
Apology to Creta and Arulaun [Uncategorized] (8)
Arkon's side of the Republic Rebellion [Uncategorized] (9)
Stop treating me this way [Uncategorized] (13)
Land Speeders Proposal [Suggestions] (7)
Ground Forces for SL [Suggestions] (7)
Btw can i see the reason k was banned [Uncategorized] (3)
Several mistakes a nation can make [Uncategorized] (3)
The Warfare Event [Suggestions] (7)
Travelling Without A Ship [Suggestions] (7)
My ban appeal I’m sorry [Ban Appeals] (3)
Drones and a detailed desciption of how I would like them used. Micle please read XD [Suggestions] (14)
Just in case SL is ever hosted on a supercomputer [Suggestions] (7)
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How do i get out of settlement chat [Questions] (2)
How do you get advancements [Uncategorized] (2)
Ban Appeal - Darzen [Ban Appeals] (5)
Am I the only one who is slightly mad? [Uncategorized] (14)
Different cruise modes [Suggestions] (4)
Can I be unbanned please thanks [Ban Appeals] (3)
Player Ejection(/Eject) [Suggestions] (12)